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A distended stomach is a symptom of a condition that makes your stomach physically swell up. It’s often confused with bloating, however there is a difference. Both can cause a feeling of fullness, but with bloating you do not have the physical swelling. A distended abdomen is considered to be more serious than bloating as the latter is often caused by excessive gas as a result of undigested food.

Stomach distension is a symptom of an underlying digestive condition. It can be the result of too much gas, fluids or swollen tissue. There is variety of causes and here are a few of the most common ones; The supersize me generation means we’re eating bigger portions than ever before. However, overeating puts a huge amount of stress on your digestive system.

The problem of overeating is further compounded with the fact that we’re also eating too fast. These two eating habits combined make the stomach distend because the human digestive system isn’t designed to break down large quantities of food. Fortunately, this can be prevented by eating smaller portions and chewing your food slowly. This chronic condition is hard to diagnose and is linked to several symptoms.

IBS mainly affects the digestive systems nerve centre which controls the digestive tracts peristaltic movements. In many cases IBS can cause the intestines to go into spasms. These are often triggered by stress or certain foods. The spasms can disrupt the bowels movements by slowing them down, causing constipation or speeding them up, which can result in diarrhea and bloating.

In order to manage IBS and reduce the effects of these symptoms you need to identify the offending foods and omit them from your diet. The best way to identify the offending foods is to keep a food diary. This involves removing one food type for a period of a week and recording the effects. This procedure is repeated until the offending food is identified.

Food allergies such as lactose or gluten intolerances can also cause a distended abdomen. In the case of lactose intolerance, bloating, gas and diarrhea often occur. This is the result of the body’s inability to break down lactose, which are milk sugars. This happens when the body is lacking an enzyme called lactase.

To overcome lactose intolerance you should either avoid diary produce or take a lactase supplement before eating or drinking foods made from milk.

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