How it works

How it works

Gardening is a wonderful hobby and good for the soul, but not so great for our pets paws. Unless you are an Eco-friendly, organic gardener please consider these important facts before this gardening season. Toxic pesticides used in ordinary garden soil, weed killer and treated grass seed such as the ever popular “Weed n” Feed” and “Round Up” weed killer contain the same cancer causing ingredients that were found in Agent Orange. Other synthetic poisons found in these two brand name garden products is 2,4-D, this is also the active ingredient found in “Killex”. One of the most toxic of all pesticides and the favorite product of most lawn and gardening services. These very caustic substances have the power to cause loss of reflex, induce comas, and bring on kidney and liver failure in humans. In dogs, it is the number one killer causing malignant lymphomas – a form of cancer. For all the harm caused by these cancer causing products, sadly just five percent of these toxic gardening products reach targeted weeds and garden pests.

Most are absorbed into the earth, seep into our water supply or dissipate into the air from nearby pools, ponds, water fountains, and woodland streams. When pesticides are not applied correctly they can even drift through open windows settling on carpet, furniture, children’s toys and most of all our precious pets that become pesticide victims when left outdoors, lay in the grass or treated pine mulch for hours at a time. The highest concentration of pesticide is found on your pets paws and is ingested in large cancer causing amounts every time your pet grooms themselves by licking their paws. Pets have higher absorption rates than human systems, animals are more sensitive and very easily poisoned by conditions that are deemed to be safe to most people. - Vomiting or diarrhea - Drooling and foaming of the mouth - Labored breathing - Immune function decline - Feline fatal thyroid disease - Dogs suffer from malignant lymphoma (cancer) - Birds and fish are victims of toxic runoff in the water supply - Loss of thirst and appetite Look for the organic, green approach to outside gardening. Learn to live with your weeds, many of them look like flowers anyway. As for bugs, did you know that they provide an important function in the grand scheme of nature? The bug you kill today might have been food for a bird.

It would be a good idea to take in garden mats and pillows whenever possible and make sure to rinse off garden furniture and children’s toys and play sets often. If you must use a lawn or pest service, make sure they think Eco-conscious and treat your home and garden with Eco-Friendly products. Make sure you know what products your home owners association uses, bring up using “green home products” at your next HOA meeting. Are your immediate neighbors using the wrong pesticides? They can easily seep into your grass, water supply and garden causing problems for your children and pets that spend lot’s of time outside. The last thing I would like to recommend is keeping your pet’s on a leash when going for walks – allowing them to run free can cause them more harm than good. Do not let your pets drink from natural water sources such as streams, ponds and pools – always keep plenty of fresh clean water readily available. Educate yourself and protect your pets from synthetic pesticides.

TopHealthSpot prides itself on providing one of the largest selections of Eco-friendly products and great green home products to keep your garden beautiful and your beloved children and pets safe. Check out some of these awesome Green Home & Gardening products and pet health coupons to help you save money on all of your gardening needs this spring. Most of us are familiar with the diet term “Low Fat, Low Carb”, but when it comes to medical health definitions referring to heart health we find ourselves at a loss for important information. What you know and what you eat can make a very big difference in your over all health. Here are some very basic heart healthy definitions, common sense nutritional tips and my recommendations for powerful heart healthy supplements that when followed regularly will have a very big impact on your heart health, stamina and energy levels, not to mention a wonderful change in your physique and who wouldn’t be happy about that. Definitions for Fat in the Blood: Cholesterol – A basic definition used to describe both kinds of good and bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is necessary for cell and hormone production. Cholesterol is a fatty, waxy substance that is first produced in the liver.

HDL – This is the good cholesterol. It’’s full name is (High Density Lipoprotein) HDL sends excess cholesterol back to the liver. LDL – This is the bad kind of cholesterol. It is very important to monitor your LDL levels. LDL can build up on artery walls, adding to the waxy buildup of plaque. This is what causes heart attacks. Triglycerides – These make your blood thicker by moving fatty substances throughout your bloodstream. Triglycerides are mainly controlled by diet.

When you eat a diet rich in fat, sugar and alcohol this will be responsible for elevating your blood triglycerides Saturated Fats – common examples of saturated fats are lard, solid shortening, butter, cheese, fatty meats, luncheon meats, and whole milk. Saturated fats raise your blood cholesterol – they are considered to be bad cholesterol causing foods. These fats are solid at room temperature. Other examples of saturated fats that stay liquid at room temperature are cottonseed oil, palm oil, coconut oil, and palm kernel oil. Monounsaturated Fats – these oils such as olive oil, peanut oil, sunflower seed oil, pumpkin oil, and canola oil will tend to lower dangerous LDL levels in the bloodstream without affecting the HDL levels (good cholesterol). Polyunsaturated Fats – lower both LDL and HDL levels they include oils such as soybean, safflower and corn oils. Hydrogenation – this is the process of changing a liquid oil into a solid oil product making it fat saturated. A good example of this would be margarine and vegetable shortening.

The three most important factors that can affect your heart health through blood fat levels are: Weight Loss – Obesity is the number one contributing factor to high cholesterol levels and heart attacks Exercise – Regular exercise such as walking, weight training and cardiovascular training such as aerobic classes, swimming and active sports are all ways to increase your HDL levels. Diet – Third on the list, but the most important of all. Following a diet low in fat, high in fiber and rich in fruit, nuts, legumes and fresh veggies can help naturally lower bad cholesterol and keep you fit, trim and heart healthy. Some very good pointers to follow would be to limit your intake of red meat to just three- 3oz portions per week. Remove all excess skin & fat from cuts of meat, chicken and turkey. Do not fry your food. Choose heart healthy alternatives to bake, broil, grill, steam or roast your food. Eat as much raw food as possible, this will help preserve the fiber and nutrients that excess cooking strip away.

Stay away from over processed foods, they usually contain a very high amount of cholesterol, sodium and preservatives. Limit your consumption of cheese to little or none. Substitute skim milk and non-fat dairy products instead of full milk products. Lose the high fat condiments. Learn to eat with lighter alternatives such as mustard’s, vinegars, olive oil, fat free bouillon and tomato based sauces. Keeping your heart in shape as we age is extremely important. Some very powerful, natural heart supplements can help you stay young and your heart muscles strong. There are also some very good cholesterol lowering supplements that help achieve a healthy cholesterol level along with proper diet and exercise.

Some highly recommended, best selling products for you to choose from are: * Selenium: Selenium helps protect your heart and cardiovascular system against free radical damage as well as increases the ratio of HDL (”good”) cholesterol to LDL (”bad”) cholesterol, which is critical for a healthy heart. * OMEGA-3 FISH OIL: Some of the many benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oils are: - Decrease Pain and Inflammation in your joints *Please remember to always use your health coupons and any online money discount coupon codes before ordering any of these heart healthy products on TopHealthSpot. Our number one goal at TopHealthSpot has always been to help our customers achieve healthier, fuller lives by providing them with the largest selection of nutritional supplements, health and wellness products and free healthful advice that is available online today. There is no better time than NOW to put you and your families health priorities first. A strong mental outlook and a healthy stress free body is the key to dealing with our hectic schedules and stressful, fast declining economy. Things that are happening in today’s world and to some of us personally are unfortunately beyond our grasp to fix or change. Bankruptcies, foreclosures, budget cuts, and job loss have taken a big toll on our health whether you may realize it or not. The signs of mental stress and chronic fatigue creep up on us slowly and leave major health problems behind for us to deal with.

One thing that we can take charge of  in life is our health. Our health is the one constant that has a positive or negative outcome with everything else we do no matter what the economic changes someone experiences. Good health gets us out of bed in the morning, keeps a smile on our face and helps us deal with whatever else life throws in our path. Your health is not a discreational area to make economic cutbacks. Smart, health conscious people realize the true value of exercise and good diet, but in today’s extreme stress environment that is not enough. Now is the time to feed our bodies the proper nutritional supplements, vitamins and homeopathic remedies that help relieve stress naturally and build up our fragile immune system. The good news is that you do not have to stress your budget to stay healthy. Some of the most powerful diet and health supplements that we feature on TopHealthSpot cost less than an average trip to a fast food restaurant.

To make it even easier and reward your good health habits, TopHealthSpot does their part for the health conscious consumer by offering them great value with money saving health coupons, vitamin coupons and free shipping offers from brand name retailers such as, The,, Puritans Pride, and not to mention over 1,000 other Top brand health and natural beauty products to keep you fit, healthy and stress free no matter what a trying economy or stressful world may bring. Forget the complex carbs, if you seriously want to stay strong, healthy and lean forever then learn to tap the power of a high protein diet. Most people have a vivid image of how they would like to look and feel, but fall short of their goals due to lack of proper nutritional information, however there is no shortage of bad or misleading advice. The Internet is flooded with miracle diets, fat burners, health products and quick weight loss schemes, but who has the time nor the inclination to read all this stuff. You could hire a personal trainer and a nutritional coach. This approach works fairly well considering you have the budget and the time to dedicate to both. The simple answer to getting lean muscle and a finely sculpted body is the proper daily amount of pure protein. Protein is an essential building block of the diet that helps repair muscle, grow tissue, regulate hormones, boost metabolism burn fat, and strengthen the bodies immune system.

* There is no life without protein * Protein is made up of smaller units called Amino Acids. There are a total of 8 “essential Amino Acids” which do not have the capability of being made by the body, all 8 Amino Acids must be plentiful in a healthy diet. * In all there are about 22 Amino Acids, the human body can manufacture 14 of the 22    Amino Acids. * Protein is found in every part of the human body, it is the largest substance in the body second to water. * The average 180-pound male needs at least 80 grams of pure protein daily. * The average 140-pound female needs a minimum of 60 grams of pure protein daily. * Unlike fat or carbohydrates, protein cannot be stored in the body and must be replenished every day through diet. * Protein can come from both animal and plant sources.

Some people are unknowingly protein deficient – this may occur with most vegetarians due to the fact that most plant based sources of protein, although good, lack the proper amount of essential amino acids per serving and is less than ideal. The other group of protein deficient people may also include the elderly, low-income and pregnant and lactating woman. Surveys show that most American diets contain twice the amount of protein needed on a daily basis due to a heavy intake of red meat. So why then are so many people over weight and heading towards obesity? Very simply, protein is used for immediate energy or stored in the body as fat when there is not enough physical activity. The serious lack of cardio and strength training along with an excessive diet of too much fat, protein and carbohydrates in the form of high calorie meals is to blame for the exploding generation of obesity that leads to other health related problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. There are so many excellent health products available on TopHealthSpot to help you use the power of protein to it’’s best advantage. I recommend Gold Standard, 100% Whey Protein Powder, Lean Body, Ready To Drink – Protein Shakes which are great if you are on the go, and Soy Protein from The Vitamin Shoppe for vegetarian diets.

Follow nutritional guidelines on your personal protein intake and most of all, make sure you stick to a workout schedule of at least 3 to 4 days a week of 45 minute training sessions of strenuous cardio and weight training. My recommendations, along with a diet of the proper amount of lean protein, fruits, veggies and whole grains will give you the strong, healthy, finely sculpted body that you deserve. Learn to make the power of protein work for you. * TopHealthSpot offers online health coupons, wellness coupons and free shipping offers on all name brand health products. Get what you need delivered straight to you door. We”re open 24/7 for your online shopping convenience. The trend towards online shopping is a mega – wave of personal convenience that has changed the way people shop. Most savvy shoppers know that shopping online saves them valuable time and money, but I be that most of them do not know about the additional perks of using exclusive online discount coupons.

Not every website offers these valuable coupons, however most of the brand name stores that we have come to know and love to shop offer these discount coupons as an additional way for online shoppers to save money and stay loyal to their online sites month after month. Specialty Coupon sites such as TopHealthSpot has built their reputation on this sole purpose of saving their customers time and money by offering shoppers every brand name health coupon, vitamin coupon, drugstore coupon, beauty coupon, pet health coupons and just about any other health & wellness and personal lifestyle coupon offer that will make a big impact on their budget. Just when you thought this couldn’t get any better, did you know that just by signing up for special email alerts, advanced private sales, and special discount promo codes you could be saving up to 60% off traditional mall and shopping center prices …so sit back, save the gas, relax and shop all of your popular big name stores that are open to you online 24/7. Most specialty websites offer free shipping on all of your favorite products delivered straight to your door. The world of shopping is just a click away, so next time you shop be sure to use your online money saving coupons and save a bundle. Don’t be an innocent bystander to chronic pain. If you are among the millions of people living their life with chronic pain, here is uplifting news. There are a new generation of doctors and holistic care specialists that acknowledge the presence of a disease of epidemic proportion labeled chronic pain.

Over the last decade there have been amazing advances into the care and treatment for chronic pain sufferers. When receptors in joints, bones and skin are aggravated by inflammation, injury or threat to your body, neuropathic pain is triggered by changes in the nerve pattern and causes changes to the brain and peripheral tissues. Actual pain is then caused by several chemicals that interact between the brain and spinal cord. These chemicals are neurotransmitters. They send nerve impulses from one nerve cell to the other. Neurotransmitters stimulate receptors on the surface of brain cells and nerve endings. These receptors work like flood gates that allow all the pain messages to pass from nerve cell to nerve cell. Now that you have a better understanding as to the how and why that you are hurting, it will be easier to make an educated decision for the individual proper care and management of your pain symptoms.

Most chronic pain comes in the form of migraine headaches, back pain, hip and joint problems, arthritis, fibromyaligia and neuropathic pain which can be caused by injury to nerves. Unfortunately, most people who live with chronic pain try to tough it out by ignoring their symptoms and compromising their long term health. Many have been told by conventional doctors that there is really no definitive cure for chronic pain. According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, long term pain should never be ignored because it could signal the onset of disease or injury that could worsen if left unchecked and unattended. Often the physical and emotional effects of chronic debilitating pain can have a devastating outcome for both patient, family and friends and has been known to alter a persons quality of life, destroy personal relationships due to stress and even end careers. It is not necessary for chronic pain sufferers to resort to addictive, expensive prescription drugs without first trying a more natural approach to healing and  relieving pain. Take your time and do your research when it comes to your health. Always seek out pain relieving solutions such as: You might also try taking smaller, dose non-prescription pain relievers that reduce inflammation.

Some well known products are Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, and Naproxen. Make sure you speak with your physician before taking these over the counter drugs as they may produce stomach problems when taken on a long term basis. Consider the Benefit of Exercise You might be thinking, what kind of advice is this? I have chronic pain and you suggest starting an exercise program. Well, consider the facts: Without daily exercise your body will continue to become deconditioned and weak, along with loss of muscle tone and strength. This is a major contributing factor to chronic pain symptoms. Endorphins – These natural chemicals released by your body after vigorous exercise actually block pain signals to the brain. Endorphins are also known to relieve anxiety and depression which make pain harder to handle and are nature’s pain reliever, they can be as powerful as prescription pain medications such as morphine.

Build a strong heart and get rid of the pain – Exercise protects the heart and blood vessels from risk of heart attack, stroke and hyper tension. Mood Enhancer – Increase your sense of well being through exercise such as Yoga, Pilates, Strength and Cardio Training. When you increase your blood flow and oxygen levels, you will liven up your skin tone and feed your brain cells. Bottom line, you will look and feel younger and have less time to dwell on pain. Maintain a healthy weight – Keep your weight low, this will take the stress off of joints and weak cartilage. Just another great way to naturally manage chronic pain. As with all chronic health problems, make sure you speak with a professional pain specialist about your options for living the best quality of life you can by managing to live pain free. *This article is dedicated to my father, who lives with chronic pain in his hips and joints everyday.

* Did you know that walking twenty minutes a day can keep the extra weight away? Simple walking can actually be the best all around exercise for anyone. Walking has a low risk of injury, requires no monetary output and can be easily worked into a daily schedule, anywhere at any time. Start by taking a brisk, 30 minute walk each day and reap the good health benefits such as: * Increase cardiovascular endurance * Lower your blood pressure and reduce stress * Reduce bad cholesterol levels * Gain bone strength and agility * Loose weight or keep weight stable by burning more calories depending on your daily caloric intake Make sure to invest in a proper pair of walking shoes. I recommend New Balance, Asics or Nike these are some of most popular brands. Comfortable, loose fitting, breathable clothing is always important. When walking in warm climates make sure to wear a hat and plenty of sun screen for protection. Your body temperature will rise so dress accordingly and make sure to have plenty of water to stay properly hydrated.

Always warm-up before starting any exercise routine, walking included. Stretch out your muscles to avoid injury or shin splints. Do not forget to stretch out your back, shoulders and arms to get the blood flowing, this will eliminate tension and make your walk more effective and enjoyable. Start your new walking program at your own pace. Forget about speed – focus on good posture, relax your shoulders and keep your head high. Swinging your arms will increase your calorie burn. Remember to take deep cleansing breaths straight through to your diaphragm, this is a great way to relieve stress and cleanse toxins from your lymph nodes. As you accelerate your speed your heart rate should increase naturally, but not so much that you cannot speak or catch your breath.

Once you have mastered to art of walking and have progressed to a few miles per day, this would be a great time to vary your speed. Try incorporating hills and stairs into your routine to take full advantage of a cardio workout. Taking long strides at a greater speed is a great way to strenghten and tone your leg muscles. You might try walking indoors on a treadmill, this is a great alternative for bad weather so you do not miss your daily walk. Walking on a treadmill has it’’s advantages, it is easier to keep a faster steady pace, there is also a setting to walk on a steady incline which is good for increasing your heart rate. Try using head phones, reading a magazine or watching the television to pass the time away. The longer you walk the more calories will be burned which leads to fat loss and a healthier, more fit you. * Tophealthspot offers some great online health coupon codes to help save you more money on all your favorite health products, and Health & Fitness Deals.

Now is the time to get in the best shape of your life, start by walking. A Place Called Fitness, How Do You Get There A Place Called Fitness, How Do You Get There The word fitness can mean so many things to so many different people. The very idea of being fit is appealing to most everyone. It can evoke deep feelings associated with personal accomplishment and self worth. For most people it can become a life long challenge, an elusive quest to feel good and look great. So how do you begin on the road to fitness? I think the best description of fitness would be to refer to the overall state of your health. I really don’t think it has to do with a persons specific size or body weight.

After all, we are unique individuals. Have you ever heard the term “skinny fat people” This term applies to the many thin people who do not have an ounce of body strength, lean muscle, and probably have high cholesterol numbers and arteries clogged with dangerous plaque. The old saying “Better to look good than to feel good” does not always ring true when trying to arrive at the destination of fitness. Which, I truly believe exists only in a persons perception of themselves and has a lot to do with body image. This can be a very powerful thing when it comes to realizing other accomplishments in life like dating, personal relationship’s and professional careers. If you were to ask me for direction to a place called fitness, I would probably reply. It’s not far, just a stones throw away from good eating habits. Take a turn at good nutrition and daily exercise and then it’s straight ahead to a life long commitment to good health and personal happiness.

Fact: Your colon is the single most important organ for maintaining good health. Fact: The average 45 year old is carrying around about 15 pounds of extra waste in their colon. In this article, I would like to enlighten you all to the wonderful benefits that a cleansing and detoxification program will have on your body. In many instances, when we begin to cleanse from within, a wide range of everyday symptoms that we all have experienced at one time or another seem to disappear. Symptoms like fatigue, constipation, Bad Breath, Headaches, Joint Pain and even anxiety. Most programs have one thing in common, and that’’s the elimination of all processed and junk food. There are many approaches out there when it comes to purifying your colon, liver and blood stream. The amount of time that you decide to dedicate to your Total Body Cleanse, will depend on the program you choose.

Some Cleansing Diets offer a quick 2-day weekend clean out, while others are gradual and can last for weeks to even months. I would recommend taking a good inventory of your lifestyle and eating habits over the past year before choosing the degree of cleanse along with exploring the type of cleansing alternatives available to you. In the next few paragraphs I will list the most popular cleansing cures and a brief description to help you with your decision. Because you are embarking upon a powerful internal House cleaning, there are a few things that you should expect along the way! Often when you cleanse you may actually feel worse then you did before you began. The release of toxins from your system may make you feel tired, achy and even flu like. For most people who cleanse the proper way, eating only the purest of fruits and vegetables, including natural high fiber breads, beans and grains in your diet. Also remember to drink herbal teas and plenty of pure water.

These symptoms may last 5-7 days. As you get deeper into your cleanse, you will begin to feel like a ”Million Bucks. ” Your increase in energy, weight loss and improved health will be your reward! It is important to know that toxins leave your body in 3 different ways: Purified water (not tap water) is the chief ingredient to eliminating toxins as quickly as possible. The more you urinate, sweat and empty your bowels, the sooner you are going to feel fantastic and healthy. A good rule of thumb for proper fluid intake is “half your body weight in ounces of water per day. ” Now lets go over the most popular types of cleansing and detox programs… These types of cleanses are usually derived from natural herbs in a pill or powder form. They have a laxative or diuretic effect and are usually short term in use than other fresh fruit and veggie cleanses.

*Please use caution when using any herbs as they are not regulated by the FDA, and some can have adverse reactions if you have any other health problems like high blood pressure or are under and medications by your physician. These Herbal Cleanses can prove very effective but, I do recommend speaking with your doctor or pharmacist before starting any of these regimes. * Juice Fasting (Better known as Juicing) Although this seems at first to be quite extreme, when done correctly, with the correct fruits, veggies, added “Whey Protein” powder, added natural supplements (i. e. Bee Pollen, Flaxseed, Wheat Germ Oil) a juicing cleanse process can be very effective for natural weight loss and the raising of your basal metabolic rate. In turn, you will not only be riding your colon of unwanted toxins and decayed fecal matter that has long been stuck to the walls of your colon, you will also enjoy the quick process of effective fat burning and a high metabolism. When you juice, it is possible to keep your caloric intake between 1,000 and 2,000 calories per day and also keeping that important fiber requirement of at least 20 – 30 grams by making sure to include a wide variety of healthy fruits and veggies in each serving. Depending upon your hunger level, most people are satisfied with 1-6 8oz.

servings throughout your day. It is also important to include your proper water intake daily and perhaps a few cups of natural (non caffeinated) herbal tea. Some teas that I recommend are Chamomile, Honey Dew White and Rose Hips tea. They all have a wonderful calming effect and are a great way to unwind at the end of your busy day. ProBiotic Cleanse(Ingesting Bacteria that are good for you) This type of cleanse is especially effective when doing a parasite cleanse. The Probiotics are beneficial or good bacteria that will  inhabit your large or small intestines. This means they promote good digestion and boost your immune functions and will increase your resistance to infection. Research on Probiotics also proves to be quite effective on respiratory and allergy response.

As well as counter negative effects of antibiotics use. The following conditions are known to directly benefit from taking Probiotic Supplements: A very good source of active Probiotics is found in the product Renew Life’s FloraSmart. So after reading all this helpful information, where do you begin? It is generally recommended to do a “whole body” type of cleanse at least twice a year. This “whole body” cleansing system is designed  to remove the waste (toxins) from your bowels in a much kinder and gentler way. The fact that most people suffer from constipation, having a few extra bowel movements a day isn’t such a bad thing! Not only will this flush out your colon, but it will work on cleaning other systems in your body as well, such as; digestive, lymphatic, cardiovascular, urinary and more. HydroTherapy (also known as Colonic Irrigation) If you ask most people they might think of this as a nightmarish experience.

The truth is that it is far from that! It is in fact a very quick and efficient way to loosen impacted feces and free old toxins. Here is what to expect: A sterile tube is gently inserted into your rectum. Filtered warm water washes your colon. An evacuation tube removes the water taking with it years of accumulated debris and mucus. I have personally experienced this process of Colonic Cleansing more than once in my lifetime. I will advise any one to do some reading on this subject before deciding to have this done. It can become quite costly, because just one session will not be enough to have an impact on your body.

These sessions with a licensed person to do this procedure usually takes upwards of 4-6 scheduled visits, depending on your reading of what was eliminated from your first visit. You will be asked to fill out an extensive form letting the practitioner know of your lifestyle and eating habits. They will most likely counsel you on what not to include in your diet to make sure that after your Colonic Cleansing you are on the road to a healthy and happy colon! I will caution you that this is a very controversial therapy and there have been many articles and reports written on the pro’s and con’s of this procedure. I personally had a pleasant experience with Colonic Irrigation. It was just another way to clean my internal house along with all the other methods that I have written about in this article to you. The important thing to remember from this article is that you make a pact with yourself to begin to cleanse your internal house. Whatever method you may choose, it will be a stop in the right direction to renew your health.

You will experience a total new feeling of energy and zest for life. Weight loss, vibrant skin, healthy shiny hair, Allergy relief, loss of Caffeine and Alcohol addiction are just some of the wonderful benefits you may experience when you detoxify your body. This is one of my longer articles. The subject of Cleansing is vast and there are so many good points of interest that I could write pages on this important subject. It is also one of the things that I am quite passionate about. We all know how great we feel when things are fresh and clean. Why should this not start with our own bodies… Please contact me with any questions you may have about cleansing. I will be happy to get back in touch with you.

Remember…I search the web so you don”t have to! Get to know the difference in the Carbohydrates that you eat! Get to know the difference in the Carbohydrates that you eat! I would like to start this article off by saying that no where in the history of diets has anything been more misunderstood then the poor carbohydrate. The time has come to become enlightened to this subject and make peace with the carbohydrate. They have been painted as the enemy to such a degree that many people, especially those with diabetes have been brainwashed into thinking they should avoid carbs at all cost. In recent years, these low carbohydrate diet plans have become extremely popular with the common masses seeking a quick fix to loosing unwanted pounds. One particular ”Fad Diet” that I am sure any one reading this is familiar with, is the Atkins Diet, which encourages their cult like followers to cut out almost all carbs from there daily food intake.

Well, for a while that seemed to work out just fine. Dieters were thrilled to learn that they could eat as much as they wanted, discounting calories and  clogging their arteries with as much bad fat as they could possibly ingest per day. No one told them that the quick weight loss they experienced was going to be short lived and that as soon as they tried to return to a normal eating habit that the weight would come back just as fast as they seemed to lose it, many people reported an even larger weight gain than when they started. You might be asking why am I writing so vehemently on this subject? Simply put…. I was a victim like millions of others to fall into the quick fix low Carb frenzy. What if I were to tell you that by simply learning the difference between ”Good” Complex Carbohydrates and ”Empty” Refined Carbohydrates that you could: - Live a fitter and healthier life. - Loose most of, if not all body fat.

- Enjoy a higher level of energy. - Most importantly, enjoy your meals by eating a full spectrum of foods. When you cut out the Bad Carbs from your diet, you will immediately stop the insulin swings that cause you to have those food cravings, which also wreak havoc on your natural hormone levels. When your insulin production is “out of whack” the body tries to process the overload of simple sugars and starches that are abundant in bad carb based meals. Most high processed Carbohydrate foods provide your body with empty calories that have little if no nutritional value  when you consume too much of these bad carbs you will feel lethargic causing you to slow down from lack of energy, and your body will quickly turn them into body fat. With regular consumption of these  low-fiber, high-sugar based “Bad Carbs” eventually will lead to all kinds of high risk diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and morbid obesity, etc… A good start to a healthier more vibrant you would be to avoid most baked goods, snack foods, white pastas, all types of white sugars and breads as well as most soft drinks and sweet teas. Not only will you be on your way to loosing weight, you will have just cut out an array of other bad things like preservatives, food colorings and artificial flavors. The following categories are considered to be “Good Complex, Low Glycemic Carbohydrates” - Whole grain cereal & Breads - Seeds & Nuts - Legumes (leafy greens) - Whole fruit - Whole Vegetables These foods should be included in your daily diet.

Note: There are also some low fat “healthy low carb” dairy products such as: - Organic Low fat Yogurt - Fat Free Cottage Cheese - Low or Fat Free Milk - Low Fat Goat Cheese as well as Natural Feta Cheese Some nutritionists agree that adding low fat, low carb dairy products to your daily diet is a key ingredient to health and weight loss. However, there is much disagrement over this subject and many different points of view. All of the suggestions made to you are included in most popular weight loss diets and is often referred to these days as the term “clean eating. ” All of the “Goods Carbs” are highly effective at lowering insulin levels and keeping your blood sugar level in check. The “Good Carb Foods” are generally highest in fiber content which will in turn keep you feeling fuller longer and will help you from over eating. What does the term ” Glycemic Index” or “Low Glycemic Carbohydrates” mean? ? Since all Carbohydrate foods behave differently on our bodies, the Glycemic Index describes their difference by ranking them according to their effect on the blood glucose levels.

There are the ones that produce only minor fluctuations in our glucose and insulin levels. It is the secret to long term health and weight loss along with reducing risk of heart attack and preventing and managing Type 2 Diabetes. It is important to know how Good Carbohydrates respond when paired with other food groups when included together in the same meal. For instance, eating a small serving (1/2 cup) of brown rice paired with a 6oz. Grilled Chicken Breast and a side portion of a green leafy vegetable of your choice would be considered the perfect meal. All the components are there to give your body that slow burn that will keep you feeling full and satisfied longer while supplying a constant high energy source. The equation for this is: Old eating habits die hard, but it is never too late to start on your path of good nutrition and a better knowledge of what certain foods actually do for your body. Start with getting to know the difference in your Carbs and make those changes in your daily diet now.