Propranolol pills 10mg

propranolol pills 10mg

Our brain is the control center for all of our bodily functions and serves as the interface between our body and our consciousness. Scientifically we still do not understand much of the brain except for neurological responses, left and right brain etc. As per some ancient sources it is the seat of the mind and it must be kept healthy at all times. Here are a few tips to keep your brain healthy and going good for a lifetime: 1.

Brain food: Eat foods that enhance brain health like walnuts, avacado,tea,whole grains,dark chocolate,fruits like pomegranate 2. Water: Drink plenty of water in regular intervals as discussed in our previous article. 3. Exercise: Yoga, pranayama or any other exercise which enhances good blood circulation to the brain is good enough.

4. Brain Tonics: There are some medicines in Ayurveda which are said to enhance the function of the brain like increased memory,concentration etc. Shankhpushpi and Bramhi are popular in this regard. 5.

Reduce electronics: Try reducing radiation from cellphones, i-pads etc by switching off them at night while sleeping. If not possible then keep them at a distance to avoid brain damage in the long run. 6. Positive mindset: Apart from the physical aspect of keeping the brain healthy a positive outlook is necessary in life to keep the brain healthy.

Read good books on positive thinking and increasing your full potential. 7. Balance in everything: Overdoing anything could be harmful to the brain and you might yourself getting stressed frequently. 8.

Proper rest: Avoid over-sleeping, a short nap in the afternoon and 7 hours of a good nights sleep will do. 9. Bad habits: Tobacco, alcohol and other drug abuse can permanently damage your brain and ruin your life. Say NO to drugs!

10. Simple lifestyle: Having a simple lifestyle with minimum essentials like clothing,cars,houses etc also contribute to reducing tension in your brain. Hope you folks found this article useful!

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